Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adam & Eve Were Clothed Before The Fall

St. John Chrysostom
Sermon on Genesis Chapter 3

She gave it to her husband also, and they both ate it.
Their eyes were opened and realized their nakedness. wasn't the eating from the tree that opened their eyes: they could see before eating. Instead, the eating from this tree was the symptom of their disobedience and the breaking of the command given by God; and through their guilt they consequently divested themselves of the glory surrounding them, rendering themselves unworthy of such wonderful esteem. ...because of the Fall, they were stripped of grace from above... [So] they were not really naked [before the Fall]: the glory from above garbed them better than any garment... You see, transgression of the command entered the scene and snatched away that novel and remarkable garment - I mean the glory and favor from above enveloping them - and it both lent them an awareness of their nakedness and also clad them in unspeakable shame.

The Fathers of the Church, vol.74, pgs.216,7